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Please take a few minutes to visit our various web pages where you'll be able to get a range of information about us and a good idea of how we have approached our business for over 40 years!!!  We make a wide variety of Made in the USA wood toys including: easels, block sets, art & play tables, puppet theaters, and looms for both children and adults - all in our family owned woodshop in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  Discover why we're so well known for our Building Block sets and Art Easels, but also our Puppet Theaters , Art Tables , Train Tables...... then there are our Storage Carts, Stilts, Ring Toss Game, Lemonade Stands, and much, much more.  See why our products have received so many awards over the years!  You'll love our hand crafted Wooden Toys & Handweaving Looms We invite you to browse our products; just click a category and scroll down through the wide variety of products all meant to spark creativity and imagination!  

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Now more than ever, we encourage you to support local businesses -- just like we do!

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During these challenging economic times, we hope you'll consider products made in the USA before making buying decisions.  You'll undoubtedly factor in a variety of things in making your final decision: product features, quality and price are all part of the equation.  We think where something is made should be factored in, too.  In the process, we hope you'll keep the old saying in mind - you get what you pay for!  We didn't make that one up, but we know it's true. 

As for us, we think of our own purchases as investments; we know it feels good to buy things that will last a long time in what is too often a throw-away world.  We're also aware that the choices we make today will collectively create options available to us in the future (check our "eco-friendly" tab for related information).  So have fun shopping and buy wisely!

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Thank you for including Beka and other domestic companies in your shopping process.  We appreciate the opportunity to earn your support!

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Beka's Natural Wood Products more than meet the bar when it comes to eco-friendly or "green" products; something we've done since our early days in the 70s...long before those terms were popular!  Our classic designs encourage and enhance creativity in both children and adults, encouraging creative imaginations rather than trying to direct them.

We think you'll appreciate our no-nonsense approach to manufacturing and service.  We run our family owned business based on common sense, which shows up in the elegant simplicity of the things we make (no bells and whistles) and the personal service we provide.  Whether you're looking for weaving looms or building blocks; storage carts or theaters; Beka easels for school teachers or art easels for young children; a yarn swift for your favorite knitter; or a maple train table for one of your grandchildren.  If you explore our web site, we think you'll find we have something for you.....and for your children and probably their children, too!   

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